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We are recruiting new graduate students!

We are looking for a few new graduate students who will join the lab in Fall 2021. The graduate training in the Takehara lab involves intense research training in behavioural and systems neuroscience as well as scientific communication. You will acquire many sought-after research tools, including in vivo electrophysiological recording, Calcium imaging, data analysis skills, optogenetics, histology, microscopy, and rodent behavioural testing.

We are also a part of a large community of neuroscientists in Toronto, which provides excellent learning and networking opportunities beyond the lab.

If you are interested in applying, please first read our recent publications listed in the Publications page. If these works align with the topic that you feel passionate about studying further, please contact Prof. Takehara by sending an email describing your research experience, interest, and career goal. For more information, please see the Participate page.


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