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Rhythms of the Braina title


This seminar surveys recent research on physiological mechanisms of normal and diseased cognitive states with a focus on in-class discussion.

Neurobiology of Learning and MemoryI'm another ti

Textbook: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, the 2nd edition, by Jerry W. Rudy SINAUER (2013) 

This course reviews the present understanding of how biological systems undergo learning and memory. This course covers the basic physiology and molecular biology of neurons, and explains how distinct networks of neurons mediate several different types of learning and memory processes.

Learning Seminartitle


This seminar reviews historic and recent research on animal cognition with a focus on in-class dicussion. This seminar is designed to provide a theoretical and experimental framework for understanding, evaluating, and designing research on cognitive processes using animal models.

Animal Cognition


This course is an introduction to the study of cognitive capacity of animals other than humans. Topics include perception, memory, number concepts, spatial navigation, social communication and tool‐use. The course is designed to provide theoretical and experimental framework for understanding and evaluating research on a variety of cognitive process using animal models.


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