Stephanie Tanninen, Ph. D.

Congratulations, Stephanie for successfully defending her Ph. D. thesis! Her thesis provided novel insight into functional consequences of tau pathology and partial cell loss in the lateral entorhinal cortex on long-range circuit activity underlying associative learning in rats. Her work formed a foundation in our research program directed at examining pathophysiology in prodromal stages of Alzheimer;s disease. We thank Dr. Sylvain Williams at McGill University for his thorough appraisal of Stephanie's thesis and insightful discussion during the defense.

Another paper in eLife! Collaboration with the Frankland Lab

We have another paper published in eLife which demonstrated the necessary of ripple-spindle couplings for systems consolidation of contextual fear memory. We are happy to contribute to this study by helping Frances Xia, a graduate student in the Frankland record and analyze ripple-spindle couplings between the dorsal hippocampus and anterior cingulate cortex while mice slept after contextual fear conditioning. Great work, Frances! The paper is open-access and available here.

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