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Dr. Morrissey

Mark Morrissey has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis and was awarded the first Ph.D. degree in the Takehara lab! His thesis examined the content of memory code in the medial prefrontal cortex and its change with learning and consolidation. We are grateful for Dr. John F. Disterhoft for participating in the defense as an external appraiser.

Mark joined the lab in 2010 as the first graduate student and has been a "big brother" to other students in the lab. During the post-defense celebration at a pub, Stephanie and Maryna gave Mark a special crown made from several materials that were frequently used when he had built the first single-unit recording system in the lab.

Mark will continue his training in the Tonegawa lab at MIT as a post-doctoral fellow. Congratulations Mark! We all will miss you.

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